BBTech has been there for all of our IT needs

For the last several years, BBTech has been there for all of our IT needs. They have always been very patient with our ‘non-tech’ population of employees, while helping us make sure our systems are safe and secure in this ever-changing environment. With several locations, and over 120 employees, it would not be possible without the help of a strong IT team. Thanks, BBTech, for all you do!

Lisa Palacio

Operations Manager, Auto City

BBTech has made us a more efficient, effective and secure company

We have been with BBTech for almost a year now. In that short period of time they have worked with us to strengthen our systems performance and security, helped negotiate a new contract to provide us with more bandwidth to increase our processing times, upgraded all of our desktop computers to increase efficiency, and brought us a VoIP phone service so we were no longer dependent on our ancient land line system. The new system is easy to program and can be managed from anywhere. Overall, BBTech has made us a more efficient, effective and secure company technology wise. They are very responsive to our needs and are always a pleasure to work with. Great management and knowledgeable technicians who know how to get things done! They never once made us feel like we were insignificant to them. We really do appreciate everything that BBTech has done for us. I do not know what we would have done without them.

Linda Campbell

Operations Manager, Pinner Wire & Cable, Inc.

Our business is truly managed ‘in the cloud’

BBTech is a good company with an educated and dedicated staff. Our business is truly managed “in the cloud”. From our accounting and rental software to simple shared files, everything we need is hosted on servers that we do not have to house or maintain in our corporate offices. With 17 physical locations, the convenience of a cloud based model allows us to see and make needed changes instantly so we can serve our customers to the best of our ability nationwide. Not only do I know that our business information is secure and backed up, but BBTech also handles the set-up and monitoring of our computers, assisting with changes, updates, and malware protection. Although our company’s relationship predates my current role, Jason Jackson has been my go-to for three years and I know that I can stop by their office and talk with him, Brian or the rest of their team any time. They are truly ready to serve in whatever IT capacity is needed.

Josh Andrews

Database Manager, Quest Drape

You’ve restored our confidence in IT professionals

I just wanted to thank you guys for working so hard to get our system back up to speed. After the trouble we had with our last IT company, we were leery of working with someone new. You have restored our confidence in IT professionals and we look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

Jennifer England

Media Buyer, Tibbets Media

Timely delivery at an exceptional price

We needed a computer system in with a very short turnaround time. BBTech not only provided us the computer on time, but at an exceptional price. The technical staff at BBTech installed our system and it’s running perfectly. We plan to use BBTech for all of our computer needs in the future.

Becky Rodriguez

Vice President, Advertickets

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