BBTech Referral Program

Referrals are by far the best way for small businesses to gain new clients.  Our salespeople LOVE referrals!  Therefore, we’re starting a referral program that makes it simple for you to refer your friends, colleagues, neighbor or anyone else to BBTech, and GET PAID to do it!

Here’s how it works:  If someone you know owns or works for a small business in the Dallas area (10 or more employees, please) that is in need of our computer support services, just put their information (and yours) into the Referral Form on this page, and submit it to our sales team.

We’ll contact your referral and offer them a FREE network assessment, cloud computing consultation or backup and business continuity evaluation.  When your referral enters into a contract with BBTech and remains a client for three months, we’ll reward you with a gift card or a check!  The amount of the reward all depends on the size of the deal.

So, tell your friends – “BBTech are our IT guys, and they’re great!” and see what reaction you get.  If they say their IT company isn’t so great, they might just be a good referral for us, and then you’ll GET PAID!

Referral Form

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