Protecting Your Business: 101

As more devices are introduced and more applications are used, business networks are becoming more complex, and many administrators are having a difficult time managing all these new aspects. In addition, the bad guys have gotten smarter over the years, and the increasing danger of phishing and other social engineering schemes are getting more sophisticated each and every day. But there’s good news—advances in technology have made protecting your IT infrastructure both easy and cost-effective. Here are the 3 most important components in network security:

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  • Business Class Firewall
    Because the router/firewall is the heart of your network, it deserves to be chosen carefully. Any router device will share your Internet connection, but a high quality business class firewall provides features that will enhance your network security and performance. Business class devices allow you to create what is commonly called virtual LANs, or VLANs. This is a great feature, as you can designate a VLAN for management (where sensitive company information can be shared), a VLAN for regular employees to share files, and a VLAN for guests providing limited Internet access. There is a big variety to choose from, including devices that provide additional security like a Unified Threat Management (UTM) gateway and can help catch malware before it reaches individual computers, providing additional protection. Some UTM gateways even provide intrusion detection and prevention features to help block additional local network or Internet threats.  The best devices also provide application control and web blocking, preventing users from surfing bad/malicious websites.
  • Managed Antivirus
    Say goodbye to the days when you had to worry over people disabling the virus scanner, ignoring updates or removing the software. A good Managed Antivirus Service allows us to deploy protection to all the computers on your network from one central console. You’ll never have to wonder if you’re vulnerable because one user isn’t protected—all of your computers are protected exactly the same way. Another convenient feature of a managed antivirus service is that the cleaning and scanning of all your computers can be initiated from one central location. Thanks to recent technological advances, managed antivirus is the most cost-effective solution. In most cases, this type of managed service is going to be much less expensive than buying unmanaged solutions off the shelf.
  • Security Training
    The majority of data security breaches and network attacks are not caused by a lack of security or outdated protection, but by trusted employees who fall prey to the increasing dangers of phishing and other social engineering schemes that are designed to literally invite the bad guys in. There is no software out there that can replace or replicate an educated and well-aware staff. Without the proper network and cyber security training, you and your staff could easily put your entire infrastructure at risk. Are you ready to augment your Network Security? Contact us today for more information and make sure to sign up for a free network audit before it’s too late.

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