BBTech FeaturedResearchers predict that more than 32 million American consumers will track their own health and fitness online or by using their smartphones. Along with increases in wearable devices and social media interaction, expect to see an increase in healthcare apps and a demand for virtual healthcare options like remote consultations and virtual house calls.

To meet this growing demand, many practices are finding web-based EHR systems to be the perfect solution for their clinical needs. But one of the largest hurdles for medical practices that do not already have a web-based system, is the initial cost of EHR installation.

Client-server systems can cost $40,000 or more just to get set up, and then the licensing fees, maintenance costs, updates and patches cost more on top of that.

BBTech May_2016 IGCloud-based EHR requires no hardware installation or software licenses, which means implementation is a fraction of the cost! Practices pay a monthly fee as part of an arrangement called software as a service (SaaS).

Of course, your EHR systems need to be HIPAA compliant through data centers with bank-level security and high-level encryption methods that render all your precious data unreadable — even if a security breach occurs.

If your healthcare company decides to implement or expand Cloud-based patient care this year, do your research to ensure you are following all the strict HIPAA guidelines that go along with the switch.

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