As if all the benefits of Office 365 just weren’t enough, Microsoft has sweetened the pot! With their recent E5 update, many new and enhanced features we’ve been waiting for are now available. This latest upgrade has 3 important insights PLUS our favorite feature so keep reading!

  • Built for teams and networks
    • With Skype for Business you can simplify your infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing. Connect your teams with the experience they love, in the Office applications they use every day.
  • Personalized and organizational insights
    • Easy-to-use live data monitoring and in-depth analysis tools let you discover new stories in your data with even more interactive reports, simpler dashboards and compelling data visualizations.
  • People-centric security
    • Microsoft handles your security so you don’t have to. Now you have even more control with increased privacy, transparency and refined user controls – it’s easy to see why this is the most secure Office ever.

Our biggest and favorite take-away? Enhanced Calling.

Microsoft Office365 E5 now offers easy and convenient PSTN Conferencing.

This feature allows attendees to join Skype for Business from any telephone by dialing a local access number, and dial out from a meeting to add others when needed. The dial-in capability is in addition to single-touch join options on PC, smartphone, and browser, and allows people to join an online meeting even in places with no Internet access.

  1. Reduce your phone bill.
    With PSTN conferencing, users can call in to online meetings from a landline connection. Regardless of where your employees are at the time, this feature eliminates the need for a reliable internet connection. This also means you can consolidate your conferencing systems to save money.
  2. Simplify your communication platform.
    With Skype for Business, video conferencing and calling now all on one platform, your communication tool just got easier. E5 enables companies to have phone calls and audio conferences with users allowing whatever kind of phone service they like – Internet-based, mobile or traditional PSTN land line – all from Microsoft’s cloud.
  3. Expand your options.
    Make, receive, and transfer business calls in the office, at home, or on the road. All communication can now be done by using your phone, PC, or mobile device without the need for a traditional phone system. Yes, you heard it right! No. Phone. System.Communication via Microsoft Office365’s E5 update now makes it even easier and much more cost-effective for our clients to move to more intelligent and cutting-edge communication and collaboration. Give us a call today to view a personalized demonstration and see how BBTech can help reduce your time, effort and cost!

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