Have you ever been hopelessly stuck on hold, at the mercy of a mobile phone provider and their overloaded and often outsourced customer service department? Have you ever experienced the frustration of knowing how much you or your top people are being paid by the hour to listen to music on hold, while serious work waits for them?

This is mayhem to your business. If you relate to this, you’ll understand the importance of replacing this with MDM, Mobile Device Management, provided by BBTech Solutions.

BBTech MAR FeatureMobile devices help us become more productive, but sometimes they sabotage our day. Smart phones, tablets, and laptops in the workplace need to be optimized for effectiveness, while at the same time protecting both your business information and your clients’ privacy.

Here are 3 reasons you need to allow professionals to manage your company’s mobile devices:

  • Good MDM protects you from breaking the law, just like a good HR department. Privacy laws change constantly, since they are so often rules created by bureaucracy, not voted on by elected officials. Let a team who represents the needs of many clients keep your mobile devices system compliant, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • You want to protect your clients from security breaches, for both their protection and your own. Lost or stolen devices put not only your company data at risk, but your clients’ information as well. Let someone with proper training manage that risk factor for you.
  • Optimize the productivity of your team, so that they can focus on their job, not on technology. Each person is most effective in their particular skill and training, so let them stay focused on what they are best at, while someone else manages your mobile devices.

Technology is getting more specialized. Focus on what is important to you, and let the team at BBTech Solutions manage all your mobile devices. Do it for your peace of mind! Call the BBTech Solutions Team to evaluate your mobile device capabilities and potential.

Taking Care of Business,

Empowering our clients by giving them world-class IT solutions and support so that they can realize significant and tangible business results is the concept that drives everything we do at BBTech Solutions Inc.