Before we go into detail why you should implement Two-factor, or Multi-factor, authentication for online accounts like Microsoft Office 365 or Google G-Suite, we should discuss the root cause behind our recommendation.  It all started with Social Engineering.

Social Engineering is a Cyber Criminals attempt in manipulating you to provide them with your online login credentials.  Social Engineering takes many forms and by far the most popular are emails.  Below are some examples of emails soliciting you for your login credentials.  Once you provide them with your credentials, they have the keys to the castle.

By implementing two-factor authentication, we are attempting to thwart the criminal from accessing your valuable data.

Two-factor authentication requires two forms of proving your identity.  It can be used to protect your various online accounts. It doesn’t offer perfect security and requires an extra step when logging into your accounts, but it does make your data more secure online.

The most common form of two-factor authentication when logging into an account is the process of entering your password and then receiving a code via text on your phone that you then need to enter. The second layer in two-factor authentication means a hacker or other nefarious individual would need to steal your password along with your phone in order to access your account.

BBTech highly recommends implementing two-factor authentication for every application you access on-line.  For assistance and a demonstration on how to activate two-factor authentication on Office 365, contact your primary technician or call Sales at 214.210.4415 Option 2.