In a devious scheme, scammers are looking to record the sound of your voice saying the word “yes”. This recording can then be used against you to authorize changes on a phone, utility, or credit card bill.

You receive a call from a familiar area code, then a friendly voice on the other end asks: “Hello, can you hear me?”.  DO NOT respond – because answering yes to this simple question could cost you.


Scammers are looking to record you saying the word “Yes” then claim you agreed to authorize changes on a phone, utility, or credit card bill.  They may ask a range of yes or no questions that could include: “Are you the lady of the house?”, “Do you pay the household telephone bills?”, “Are you a homeowner?” This isnt the easiest thing to avoid, so when answering an unknown phone number or from a caller that you don’t recognize, hang up, or respond with “Who is calling and what is this about?”.

You can let these numbers go to voicemail and call back if it is a legitimate caller. Inquire with your phone provider about robocall blocking options and always register your phone number in the Do Not Call Registry.  Should you receive one of these calls you can immediately block and report the number to the appropriate party, such as the Federal Trade Commission.

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