Cyber Security Services

How to Mitigate Risk

If you watch or read the news, you’ll notice that more and more businesses are falling victim to ransomware.  Businesses are faced with either paying a hefty price to regain access to their data or closing their doors.  Lake City Florida paid online criminals $500,000 to regain access to their network and data files.  A doctor’s office had to close their business due to ransomware.  Avoid the embarrassment and potential lawsuits which can arise from a security breach, and protect your business now by implementing a Cybersecurity Breach Prevention program.

Cybersecurity strategy takes various forms, both online and in the physical world—all designed to prevent online threats before they ever happen. In this world of high-stakes hacking, phishing, identity theft and malware, the best defense is a good offense.

BBTech has the tools to keep your business well defended from all types of cyber threats, and the ability to mitigate any attacks that might break through your defenses. These tools give us a true picture into the security posture of your business, and can patch, maintain and update systems as required to keep you up-to-date and safe.

We offer a comprehensive Cybersecurity Breach Prevention program that protects your business from risks inherent to online activity.  Risks include spear phishing email attacks, malicious websites, behavior based malicious code that encrypts files, holding you for ransom (ransomware), and your end users lack of proper security training.

Our solution includes these services at a low monthly price:

  • Endpoint protection monitored 24/7 by our Security Operations Center, which includes a $1M guarantee.
  • A Firewall that includes Unified Threat Management (UTM), protecting your business from cybersecurity threats, utilizing an Intrusion Prevention Service, Gateway AntiVirus, URL filtering, application control, spam blocking and reputation lookup.
  • End user cybersecurity training, including weekly micro-training, informative security newsletters, simulated phishing campaigns, continuous Dark Web Breach Assessments (DWBAs), security risk assessment, and a library of end user/company security policies.

To learn more about this comprehensive service which is GUARANTEED to keep your business from being held for ransom, call 214.210.4415 option 2 today.

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